The Ravages of Drinking and Driving


It should be noted that the problems associated with drunk driving have genuinely gotten better as more programs and public money have been devoted to the issue. Drunk driving was a much more pervasive societal problem before the year 1980. Taking action against drunk driving has made a statistically significant difference. The founding of MADD alone has reduced drunk driving deaths by fifty percent since 1980.

As horrifying as the drunk driving statistics still are, it is important for people not to lose hope. Far too many people go from denying to problem to becoming so cynical about the problem that they’re not going to try to work towards a solution of any kind. The deaths from drunk driving accidents can be halved again. They should be halved again, because the problem is far from over, and the number of deaths from drunk driving in the United States alone is still staggering.

An estimated 28 people die in ‘accidents’ caused by drunk driving every single day. I want to stress again that I don’t think that the term ‘accident’ applies here in any way. Getting behind the wheel of a car drunk means that you are risking your life and the lives of almost everyone you might come in contact with until you crash. Drunk driving ‘accidents’ are both preventable and predictable, which more or less negates the idea that they are somehow genuine accidents.

Adults in the United States all absorb the costs of drunk driving. Every adult spends around 800 dollars a year on drunk driving. Adults who were asked to pay an equivalent amount in extra taxes would probably flip, but many of them turn a blind eye to the costs of drunk driving.

Anyone who has any doubts about the prevalence of drunk driving should remember that 29.1 million people in the United States said that they have driven under the influence of alcohol in 2012 alone. While drunk driving is more prevalent in certain states than others, it is still clearly widespread in the nation at large. For all the progress that we’ve made, we still have a long way to go, and these figures are going to quickly look dismal in the future.