Spotting Drunk Drivers on the Road

First of all, it is important to remember that not all drunk drivers are going to be showing obvious signs of intoxication on the road. One of the things that makes drunk driving so insidious is the simple fact that drunk drivers can appear to be normal and healthy motorists to other people on the road until it is too late. There’s also the fact that some drunk drivers can go in the opposite direction. They can seem to come out of nowhere, and the motorists who become their victims will barely have any time to react before their lives are changed forever, or worse.

However, some motorists will be fortunate enough to react to the drunk drivers who are on the road. Many of them are going to be displaying obvious signs of drunkenness. This will at least give healthy motorists a chance to pull over or otherwise get out of the way of the drunk drivers who are posing a threat to them at any given moment. Motorists who have gotten themselves out of harm’s way in this case are strongly advised to call the police in that situation. There should be traffic cops nearby who can intervene in this sort of situation.

Many drunk drivers will swerve and weave a lot within their lanes. Drinking severely impairs a person’s coordination. Drunk drivers are often not able to maintain the steady hand that people need in order to hold onto the steering wheel and keep the car on course.

Drunk drivers also don’t maintain a consistent speed. They will stop and start their cars at random points on the road, and they will raise and lower their speeds rapidly. Traffic cops will often look for these signs when they are trying to spot drunk drivers in the first place.

Ultimately, the main effect of alcohol is that it slows a person down. Alcohol is a depressant. Driving is the sort of skill that requires a person with strong reaction time, and people need to be able to pay attention to many different factors when they’re on the road. Drunk drivers often don’t respond to traffic signals, and they don’t use traffic signals themselves. Their turn signals will be off when they’re trying to turn, their lights will be off even when it’s night time, and they won’t pay attention to traffic lights and stop lights. The communication skills of the road demand sobriety, regardless of the false bravado and confidence that so many alcoholics and drunkards seem to have.