Be Smart Near Water

I deal with drunk drivers in my job, so I am especially tuned into people’s drinking habits. They can turn deadly in a car and it is heart-breaking to see the consequences. I am not trying to judge people morally or to breach good behavior to them, but I do want to warn them if I can. If I save a few lives so much the better. It pays to just be aware of what over indulging can do. Recently, I have heard about some adult drownings in backyard pools. Apparently some of them have to do with excessive drinking. Why would someone want to get drunk and try to swim? It simply isn’t safe at all. It is rare enough that people are not paying attention to the statistics. So now you know.

If you are going into the water and want to drink at the same time, the only wise route is to use a pool float big enough for an adult. Using an inflatable will help you be smart near water. They are comfortable, easy to inflate with an air pump, and come in attractive shapes and colors. You can pick one you like and then know that you have made the right gesture. If you can’t curb your drinking and limit yourself to just one cocktail, then by all means get a float. All summer long people enjoy their pools and it seems like a good idea to them to have a few drinks to relax. But you can be too relaxed and risk your life. In a large pool, you can wander off to the deep end without even knowing it. If it is dark outside you might not be able to see the steps behind you to exit. It is not that easy to jump up over the side. The answer is the pool float.

I don’t want to tell sad stories but even in my neighborhood, one middle-aged father drowned mercifully when his kids were in the house. We all talked about it incessantly. If only he had practiced safe rules when around the pool. After the accident, the pool was removed by the widow as it was a constant reminder. She is hysterical whenever her kids say they want to go swimming. Maybe someday they will be allowed to use floats. I felt very sorry for the family and it encouraged me to get on my high horse about drinking and swimming. You lose your judgement when driving so why not when in the water. Some people don’t believe this and they continue to gulp down another drink. Their reasoning ability is shattered. We all know this but some can’t accept it and believe they are the exception. I personally have several inflatable pool floats for adults so I can loan them out to neighbors or use them at home for those who insist on drinking. Do yourself a favor and follow my lead.