A Surprise Gift

I have a particular interest in my work because I am seriously concerned about drunk driving and the havoc it can wreak. Countless people succumb to inebriated people behind the wheel and it simply must stop. I am going to get on the bandwagon for change. The laws are not strict enough. Let’s combine our efforts and campaign for new legislation that will deter drunk driving. Right now, these people do not care or they would not be getting in a car after too many cocktails. They are indifferent to the fact that they could kill someone.

Every state has its own laws and special interest groups. Most have TV ads that remind the public of the hazard of drunk driving. While I haven’t experienced it first hand, one of my clients had a son who was killed by a drunk driver on the road. He was devastated as you can imagine. Maybe if you talk to someone who has suffered in this way or watch the ads, you will think twice about getting in your car after a drinking binge. It is vital to never forget the pain one can cause. Let it be a strong deterrent for you if you drink. I know that alcohol is relaxing, especially after a hard day’s work. But if you frequent bars, you no doubt tend to over indulge. This is especially true if you drink socially with the guys.

I was particularly touched when this client gave me his son’s Daniel Wellington Dapper Bristol watch as a thank you gift for my support. For sure, when wearing it, I will never forget this deceased young man. My client was encouraged to hear this. He fears that his son will fade from public memory and he wants him to be an object lesson in the evils of drunk driving.

The watch, by the way, is one of the nicest designs according to this Daniel Wellington watch review. It is classic and sleek featuring contrasting deep blue hands. Roman numerals and a date display are at the six o’clock spot. If you don’t know the company, they specialize in exchangeable leather bands. This one was made in Italy and is a beautiful go-with-everything deep brown. I find the design to be sophisticated and mature with a high-class look. If you like elegance, grab the Dapper Bristol and get it on your wrist. It can be worn for any occasion, even dress. A touch of class goes a long way. I am honored to receive this fine timepiece from my client.

I don’t often get gifts from clients but this was a special case. I handled the drunk driving case from start to finish and ended in success with a substantial settlement. This is not always the outcome. Then it is on to a new case as drunk driving is a constant scourge on society. It is part and parcel of my work. I am dedicated to eradicating this problem, one case at a time.