Consequences of Drunk Driving...a true story
drunk driving victim sitting next to the drunk driver that killed him...his brother  


drunk driving prevention speaker Jason Barber 

 "Drunk driving is not an accident...

                  drunk driving is a CHOICE"

Jason Barber Prevention Speaker





     In 1991, Jason was street racing with friends and drinking alcohol. They all thought they were just having a good time, but that changed in a split second when he caused a crash that killed his passenger, Jason's 15 year-old brother, Aaron. Jason was convicted of vehicular manslaughter  for the death of his little brother, and sent to California State Prison on a six year sentence. He was released in November of 1995 after serving almost four years.

      In the time since his prison release, Jason has furthered his education as a Human Services major with an emphasis on Drug and Alcohol Counseling. For several years he worked in local high schools as a facilitator of drug and alcohol groups for at-risk youth. Jason also facilitated teen and parent outreach groups in the evenings, teaching parenting skills and communication techniques for better teen/parent relationships.

     After several teenagers from Jason's small community in So.California were killed in either street racing or alcohol related crashes.  He decided to tell Aaron's story in an attempt to end the insanity of such senseless deaths, and in the hope that other families will not ever have to endure such pain.

   Jason has been written about in hundreds of newspapers, been a guest on a number of radio talk shows and appeared on local and national television including Court TV and MTV 's series Flipped: Speed Demons. Which has become an award winning educational video from the Teen Files series, Street Racing-Danger!  Jason's own video It's Not an Accident...  also won a CHRIS award.

     In the past ten years Jason has spoken to nearly 500,000 teenagers and young adults, from The North Carolina Gov. Safety Conference, to the United States Military Academy at West Point to Mirmar Naval Air Station in San Diego.


     He continues writing a book detailing his life as an alcoholic and addict, Aaron's death, prison and  the  grace that saved his life.